10 Best Mobile Roguelike Games 2020

It’s hard to call roguelike an alone standing genre as it’s actually a set of features and ideas that can be integrated into a large variety of game concepts. It usually brings permadeath, challenging gameplay, and worlds with randomly generated locations. Every game that involves these ideas is unique, so we decided to select the best mobile roguelike titles to make let you choose a bit faster.  

1. Downwell

This extremely tough 2D shooter is all about falling down the well and blasting every moving thing with powerful gun shoes. The first minutes in the game can be confusing, but let yourself learn how to shoot, and you’ll get addicted. 

2. Dead Cells

The developer says that Dead Cells is roguevania. It means that it lets you explore a huge castle. The unique feature transforms the structure every time your character dies. To make progress, you really have to sweat a bit and smash some of the most hardcore bosses. The best to do it is to outsmart your enemies. 

3. FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL is one of the most recognized roguelike mobile games ever. In the game, you have to control a space ship struggling through the severe complexity of its systems. There are many ships to control, so every journey is completely different. Something goes wrong here every second, so a static 2D game feels like tough action. It’s challenging and superb. 

4. Dungeon of The Endless

Dungeon of The Endless combines roguelike elements with tower-defense mechanics in a manner that makes the game one of the most innovative on the mobile game market. If you want to reveal loads of unique roguelike content spiced up with sparkling humor, this one is for you. 

5. Road Not Taken 

This one is a unique roguelike adventure with stunning visuals and a cute Rober Frost-inspired universe. This game won’t melt your brain and lets you play at your own pace, so it’s a joy to play if you’re not a fan of fast-paced roguelike challenges. 

6. Desktop Dungeons

This game starts being addictive as you see its psychedelic trailer. One of the key requirements to progress successfully is to die frequently and learn from every death. The concept is extremely fun and addictive. 

7. Out There

Out There is a meditative and a bit sad game about the vastness and ruthlessness of space. You’re a lonesome astronaut who explores space, meets new races, and chokes to death every time he runs out of oxygen. Spectacular. 

8. Darkest Dungeon

This dark game with gloomy visuals and 2D gore can really make you feel the insanity of fighting hell’s creatures. This bloody fantasy journey is extremely addictive and, well, terrifying! 

9. Tallowmere 

This hardcore platformer with beautiful visuals lets you embark on a journey through rndomly-generated levels solo, or connect 2 controllers and complete the game with a friend. Isn’t that exciting? 

10. Immortal Rogue

Immortal Rogue is a vampire who wakes up every 100 years to have a meal. Everything he does during his wakeups affects the next wakings. But the best part is the action! There’s so much action in this game! 

Challenge Yourself


Which of these will you download after reading? If you already have favorite roguelikes for iOS and Android, you can tell others about the best roguelikes you know in the comments. And don’t forget to share our listing!

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