Fixing iPhone Pokemon GO Snapshot Problem

Pokemon GO for iPhone has a rather widespread issue with snapshots. Many users cannot make them as easily as they could. Fortunately, we’ve recently figured out how to fix this annoying issue! Follow our comprehensive step-by-step instructions to fix the problem on your Apple smartphone. Let’s GO! 

Fixing the Problem


First of all, you should have the app running on your iPhone. There’s no Pokemon GO on iPhone 5. The oldest compatible device is the iPhone 5s. Make sure that your setup is capable, and you have a compatible iOS version. If it works ok, follow these steps:

1. Launch the game from the menu

This usually takes around 12 seconds, depending on your iPhone model. If the game is already on, close it, kill the process from the taskbar, wait around 10-12 seconds for the cash to clean, and start the game again. 

2. Tap the Pokeball, tap the Pokemon

The icon will be displayed to you in the middle of the screen after launching the game. Just tap it. Right after that, you should tap the Pokemon icon. Do it to enter the menu with your entire list of collected creatures. You can select any of them to take a Snapshot. Choose Bulbasaur, for example. 

3. Now check the settings

This step is the most important. If you have iPhone X and later, swipe up and go to the settings menu of your device. If you use other models, press the button once and go to the settings. When the preferences are open, scroll down until you find the Pokemon GO game settings. You should make sure that you’ve allowed the game to access your camera. 

4. Go back to the game

If the permission to use the camera is given, go back to the game using the taskbar (short swipe in the bottom, or a double-tap for buttoned iPhones). Now the snapshot feature is working, and you can take as many snapshots as you need. Don’t forget that you can choose different Pokemon poses. That was easy, wasn’t it? 


Now you can continue playing with a sigh of relief. The game won’t annoy you anymore. If the problem returns after the next update, we recommend you try to repeat the procedure described in this instruction. If Pokemon GO not working at all, you should try to reinstall the game or check out the compatibility. Did the guide help you to fix the Snapshot feature? Hopefull! If you succeed, share the article with your friends who play the game too. If not, just repeat the procedure as something could go wrong on one of the stages.

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