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Il C calligraphy Cut is literally sweeping social, describing it as one of the most important revolutions in the field of ‘ hairstyle. The crazy thing? You don’t even need scissors to make what appears to be the haircut that will save the finest hair!

Patented by Frank Brormann, he has already toured Germany and specialized addresses are already multiplying in Los Angeles, Paris and New York. It is a diagonal cut – inspired, he says, to the way the flower stems are cut for the bouquets – which gives more volume to the hair. Be careful, though, because the calligraphy cut is perfect only when combined with a dishevelled and effortlessly chic look.

So girls, are you ready to discover the calligraphy cut, aka the new hottest hair trend of the moment? Keep reading the post!


The hairstyle that is driving Instagram crazy with as many as 18,000 dedicated hashtags, is the brainchild of Frank Bormann. A few years ago, the German hairdresser presented the instrument to make the Calligraphy Cut during a television broadcast dedicated to inventions, in search of an investor.


The inspiration, as Bormann himself admitted, is the oblique cut that is made to cut flowers: “I realized that cutting the stems with a perfect angle increases the surface by almost three times. And if you can do with flowers, why not with your hair? “.

It took almost six years to develop the correct technique to perform the cut and, above all, to design the instrument with which to make it. It was worth it: the result is beautiful hair and a slight movement with a very natural air that starts from the tips.


The Calligraphy Cut seems to be the answer to the prayers of all the fine hair of the world: it promises, in fact, to give volume to thin hair.

The secret? A tool that allows you to create soft and light tips. This is not a thinning, but support for fine hair that needs a semblance of volume.

The end result is light and soft hair, with a style that is really easy to maintain even at home, without having to resort to a hairdresser every week.

Precisely for this reason, the Calligraphy cut is designed for women who are always on the move and fashion-conscious, so much so that it is almost exclusively suited to a decidedly messy fold for an effortlessly chic end result!

This type of cut is suitable for all types of hair, but it is not recommended for really curly or frizzy hair. In particular, this cutting technique is recommended fortresses who are often victims of split ends: the Calligraphy Cut makes the cut part of the hair very soft and this greatly reduces this problem.

As for the hairstyle, this new way of cutting the hair means that even fine hair can do justice to the bob, thanks to the newfound volume. Similarly, the Calligraphy works great even on scaled cuts that do not require maximum precision.

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