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Cash App review

Cash App review

Cash App is a simple and useful mobile app that can help you keep your personal finances in order. Cash App features instant payments, a built-in Bitcoin wallet, and a free virtual Visa debit card.

Interface 4/5

Cash App’s interface is outright simplistic, and that seems to be intentional. Despite having a couple of various features, the app manages to keep things as simple as possible: you get only important information and useful options – there are no minor options cluttering your screen. That makes Cash App really useful without adding anything to its interface – and its white color scheme only emphasizes that approach.

Every major feature has its own tab with all of the options you need. Check your cash balance – and what you get is the balance itself and a few buttons that allow you to add cash or send it to someone. Even the investing options are simplified to the point where you don’t even need to know anything about stocks: the app will do almost everything for you.

Features 5/5

Cash App offers you just about every important tool to manage your personal finances successfully. You need only a couple of minutes to sign up, and then you can start sending and receiving money for free, investing in stocks with as little as $1 or buying Bitcoin for your wallet. Cash App makes managing your finances an easy task, and you need only a quick glance to check all of your activities. And you can be sure that your accounts are protected since all of your information is encrypted and stored safely. There’s also an option to pause your spending in case of losing your phone or something like that.

Usability 5/5

Cash App manages to provide you with an impressive variety of banking options while keeping things really simple, even for people who don’t know anything about financial matters. Its learning curve is gentle, yet you learn the app almost instantly – just make sure you read everything carefully since there are still some things that can be a bit confusing.

Compatibility 4/5

The app has its latest versions for both Android and iOS devices, and they seem to introduce important fixes and additions frequently, so make sure your Cash App gets updated often. That’s especially important for all kinds of security updates since new threats get blocked constantly.


Cash App is one of the best apps for managing your finances. It’s easy to learn yet functional, and it protects your money with advanced security algorithms that get updated frequently.


  • Quick money transfers
  • Built-in Bitcoin wallet
  • Investment options
  • Free virtual debit card


  • Minor bugs and glitches
  • Transfers are not instant

Interface 4

Features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 4

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