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Littlstar VR Cinema review

Littlstar VR Cinema review

Littlestar Cinema is the platform where the developers gathered the virtual reality content. It includes games, movies, applications, and other media files. It was developed and published by Little Star Media, Inc. for the following platforms: iOS, Android, PlayStation, and Microsoft Windows. You can find and download the application on Apple Store, Google Play, PlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store, respectively. For now, the platform is free, but it contains the premium subscriptions and content items that are needed to be purchased additionally. 


If you have ever used applications like Netflix, then, you will find a lot of similar design patterns in the Littlestar Cinema platform. In the background, the developers decided to put the black color. The content like movies has the cover image; under that, you can find the name of the content. The color is white, and the font size is middle. Usually, about three items are put in the row, but this number can vary according to the device’s size. 


Despite the fact that the color palette and the way the content is displayed is very similar to Netflix, the general interface differ. But it does not mean that it is not clean or intuitive. You will find two menu bars: the first one is placed on the left sidebar, and the second one — on the bottom. The sidebar allows you to navigate across the three menu items: Featured, Categories, and Channels. The bottom menu has only two items: Discover and Library. We liked the Littlestar Cinema’s interface. In our opinion, it is very clean and does not overwhelm users.


Although the Littlestar Cinema application is free to download and install on all platforms, the free version has a limited number of features.  Among them are Littlstar Free Content, PlayStation®4 TV Support, Sideloading (only two minutes of preview), and Cross-Platform Support. The premium subscription has all the features described above plus: access to  Media Server Support, UPnP Media Renderer/Casting, Custom RSS Feeds,  Priority Support Requests, Premium Content, Exclusive New Features, and Ara Rewards. 


As we mentioned in the introduction, the application is available on four platforms: iOS, Android, PlayStation, and Microsoft Windows. Littlestar Cinema connects the personal information to your account, not the device. Therefore, no matter what device you are using, the personal information will be automatically synchronized once you log in. 

Your Door To The World of Virtual Reality Content

If you are interested in the virtual reality, then, you just can not skip the Littlestar Cinema platform. It is the place where the developers gathered all the content created using VR technologies. On Littlestar Cinema, you can find the games, movies, videos, various applications, and so on. It is available on four platforms, including mobile. The application is free to download and install, but it contains the premium subscription.

Interface 5

Features 5

Usability 5

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