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Minecraft review

Minecraft review

Minecraft is a cutting-edge builder simulator by Mojang that has won the hearts of millions. Created as a fun constructor game, it’s transformed into the world’s most popular multiplayer. If you’ve ever wondered what being a terraformer would feel like, here is your chance!

Gameplay 5/5 

Bringing you to a world of creativity and infinite possibilities, the game is all about creating and destroying, erecting and demolishing, cooperating, and exploring. In the beginning, you’ve got nothing in your inventory but a pickaxe that you have to employ to dig your way to resources. Also, you have to build a shelter or maybe a fortress to guard yourself against the dangers.

Express your vigor and wit to become the most well-known builder in the infinite universe of enthusiasts. Create beautiful, or grotesque, castles, spaceships, eternal libraries, and so much more. Whatever you do, make sure it will last because there is a horde of zombies coming your way. For this, come up with unique weapons and strategies to protect yourself and your allies from inevitable death.

Graphics 5/5 

Minecraft is not made to impress you with visuals but rather to nudge you on seeing the world as an immense LEGO platform. Sharp and cubic textures may poke your eyes for a bit, but when you get accustomed, the world will begin to unravel. Despite the roughness, the game offers outstanding landscapes and sceneries that you can bend to your will with a couple of modifications. Also, the graphics are well accompanied by ambient music to rekindle your creativity once it’s beginning to fade.

Replay Value 5/5 

There is no DLC in this world since the whole world is a DLC itself. Such vastness of the territory provides you with an unfathomable playground. By interacting with other players and discovering new, hidden features and areas, the game will never become tedious or slow. Also, the variety of modes ensure the possibility of different, drastically unique experiences inside the game.

Controls 4/5 

Although the game is designed to be a builder simulator, the controls aren’t stiff at all. Whatever you do is easily manipulated with a few on-screen buttons, as well as the camera. To perform the basic and advanced movements, like wielding a weapon or carrying provisions, there is a nice in-built guide that spews hints from time to time.  


Minecraft is more than a builder since it’s got a soul and an agenda that you are yet to discover. 


  • Boundless opportunities
  • Hundreds of players
  • No plot limitations
  • Fantastic building options


  • Little character development
  • Overcrowded servers

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 4

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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