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AND are there hair colours that age? How many times have you ever asked yourself if you wanted to change color? Just like in the world of make-up, even with regards to the hairstyle, there are tricks and useful tips to be taken into account to enhance oneself, capable of making the look fresh, radiant and always up-to-date!

A poor choice in terms of styling in fact, especially with regard to color, can mark the face a lot, going not only to gray and darken the complexion, but also to highlight the most varied imperfections. It is well known that a cut that is not right for your features can harden them: in the same way, therefore, an unsuitable colorcan highlight more or less showy wrinkles and fine lines .

In today’s post we decided to talk about the colors of hair as they age , with many secrets and useful tips to avoid mistakes to help you choose the best anti-aging shade for a brighter look , women and cured ! Did the topic intrigue you? Then let’s start immediately with the post!


The very famous colourist Christophe Robin is considered a true “colour craftsman” so much so that he is the favourite of many famous actresses, top models and celebs such as, for example, Catherine Deneuve and Tilda Swinton.

Christophe Robin unveiled his secrets on the website , explaining which hair colors age and which instead give the face a real immediate “anti-aging effect” . These shades have the power to make the signs of ageing less noticeable, such as skin blemishes and fine lines of any kind, giving the face light and freshness: in one word, they then “lift”!

The first piece of advice is to not overdo choosing too dark and intense colors. “The thing that makes a woman look older is her flaunting of looking younger. When a woman has several white hairs, she should not cover the entire hair with too dark a colour, such as dark mahogany, otherwise she will show more years than she actually has, ” explained hair guru. “Dark colours age: to cover grey hair it is better to prefer warm and golden tones. Staying as close to your natural colour as possible will make you look younger”.

It is, therefore, better to prefer natural shades, such as a golden brown or a delicate honey blonde, avoiding, in any case, a clear contrast with one’s complexion. For example, then no jet black with very light skin and no platinum blonde with dark and olive complexions.


The flat and non-three-dimensional colours tend to darken any type of complexion, turning off the light. The monochromatic colours, both light and dark, remove dynamism all’ hairstyle at any age.

Erik Jordan, the colour expert of salon ESalon of New York, said: “Simple colour adjustments can make huge differences: too blond or too dark for example hair ash can harden and age the face”. Good advice is therefore to avoid the nuance too uniform and choose instead rich hues of facets and light reflections.

Go ahead and then in colours from natural nuance, not uniform, such as sweeping or sunstroke . Be careful, however, not to choose too sharp and marked highlights that tend to age the look very much. Better to prefer delicate reflections that reproduce the effect of those created naturally by the sun during the summer!

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