Mahjong Solitaire: Classic

Mahjong Solitaire: Classic


Mahjong Solitaire is a puzzle game available on a mobile device. This is a traditional Chinese game where you have to gather tiles and calculate your points. It is widely s... is not an official representative or the developer of this application. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners.

Mahjong Solitaire: Classic review

Mahjong Solitaire: Classic review

Mahjong Solitaire is a puzzle game available on a mobile device. This is a traditional Chinese game where you have to gather tiles and calculate your points. It is widely spread around the world. The game has finally become available on Android mobile.

Gameplay 5/5

Mahjong is an ancient game of kings and emperors, philosophers, and rich Chinese and Japanese people. The game became well-known around the world after first travelers brought it from Asia. The rules of the game are not that simple, and you will have to play for some time and practice a lot to master your skills.

The mobile version of the game is easier than the table version, mainly because of hints that appear from time to time on your screen. You see all your tiles more clearly together with an explanation of the hieroglyphs. It is easier to calculate your points and find out the matching tiles. You can either gather similar tiles or collect them in specific orders. Don’t choose the challenging game from the beginning even if you are an experienced player in Mahjong, as the visual difference and lack of human players around you may confuse you. Gain more scores and become the leader on the board.

Graphics 5/5

Even the original version of Mahjong offers you beautiful visuals. Tiles are covered with traditional symbols and Chinese hieroglyphs. However, developers of this mobile game did their best to beat the beauty of the table game. They succeeded in this. You see the royal deep green color of the table in front of you and colorful tiles with clear symbols. The whole game recreated the atmosphere of the emperor’s game. Everything is well explained and visible from a distance. The color palette is deep but pale, so your eyes will not get tired even after several hours of the game. The main colors in the game are green and golden.

Replay Value 5/5

There is no linear ending in the Mahjong game. The game is like chess, you can only raise your skills. There are 180 various levels to make it even more interesting. Start with basics and move to the most challenging puzzles. You can play this game offline while riding on the bus. If you are tired from one level, go back to the previous one, improve your skills. You can also use hints for this game.

Controls 5/5

Controls in Mahjong are incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. All the tools are signed and located one tap away from you. If you need to check out more options, you can always open the menu or setting. The game does not require any specific preparations. Even without reading the names of tools, you will understand your options by checking out standard symbols on them. If you are completely new to the game or Android phone, take some time to learn your possibilities.


Mahjong is free of charge game for players who love to challenge their brains. It is a traditional Asian game that recently became available on your phone. The game contains multiple levels and outstanding graphics.


  • Intuitive controls
  • Free of charge
  • Works offline
  • 180 levels


  • Contains ads
  • Requires fast thinking

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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