Marvel's Iron Man VR - Demo

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Marvel's Iron Man VR - Demo review

Marvel's Iron Man VR - Demo review

Marvel's Iron Man VR is the virtual reality game that is only planned to be released in 2020. It was developed by Camouflaj and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The planning release date is July 3, 2020. Firstly, the game will be available to download on the one platform only — PlayStation 4. By the way, before the release, you can find the free demo game's version on PlayStation Store and try to play. It was published on May 21, 2020. The minimum size you should have on the console is 20GB. 

Graphics and Sound

Marvel's Iron Man VR has excellent graphics that were made in the cartoon style. It completely repeats the popular Marvel comics universe. The game contains a lot of animations and glitching effects. From the first seconds of playing, it becomes understandable that the developers invested a lot of time and money to create really powerful and incredible visuals. Our team was impressed with not only graphics but the sounds too. There are a lot of common and popular sounds and music used in the Marvel universe. 


In order to play the game, it is not sufficient to have the PlayStation console only. As Marvel's Iron Man is the virtual reality game, you should also have PlayStation VR and the virtual reality helmets with motion-tracking controllers. The demo version uses not so many commands and detailed instructions on how to play inside the game, therefore, it was very easy and fast to figure out how to play for us. Based on the demo version, we suggest that the Marvel's Iron Man VR full game will have easy and comfortable controls too. 


The game describes the story of one of the most loved Marvel's superheroes — Iron Man. Unfortunately, the full game's version is not available now, therefore the gameplay features are limited in number. Playing by the Iron Man, you will have all the abilities this hero has in the film or comics. As such, your main task in the demo game will be to learn how to use these abilities to fly. After you can do it, your next task will be to break the Stark's drones in the sky. Full passage of this game will allow you to unlock a fully personalized Hot lava armor that you can use in the full version of the game. 

Lasting Appeal

To tell the truth, you are unlikely to want to replay the demo version of the game after passing it. Discussing the full version is still difficult, as our opinion will be more based on various rumors, rather than on personal experience, which is unacceptable for our team. Therefore, we propose you to wait until July 3 and return to this question. 


Marvel's Iron Man VR is the upcoming shooter. The developers plan to release the game in the middle of the summer and for PlayStation 4 platform only. Today, the demo version is available for playing. You can find and download it on the PlayStation Store for free. The game has excellent graphics and sounds. Among the disadvantages is that Marvel's Iron Man VR will only be available to play in the single-player mode.

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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