Secret Neighbor

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Secret Neighbor review

Secret Neighbor review

Secret Neighbor is a PC adaptation of the horror/puzzle game Hello Neighbor by Holygryph. Here, you have to explore, expose, and escape the ominous house of a creepy next-door neighbor. Join forces with other adventure-seekers who, just like you, are trapped in a living nightmare.   

Gameplay 4/5

After being led by your curiosity into a stranger’s house, you discover that there is more to the owner than just his weird grin. Trapped inside the house and being chased down by a psycho, you need to find a way out to save yourself from God knows what kind of misfortunes. Utilize everything you’ve got and can find to create an escape strategy. 

While you’re evading the neighbor’s grasp, you have to solve puzzles and disclose mysteries of the chilly old house. With each discovery, you acquire new skills and abilities that can help you on your mission. However, don’t hesitate to use force when that weirdo is about to clench his paws around your neck. After assembling a team, you and a few other bold kids will solve the puzzle together, devise strategies, and cover each other’s backs. But mind that not everybody is to leave the house in the end. 

Graphics 5/5

At first, you might perceive the visuals a little rough. However, with time, you’ll realize that the graphics are a part of the house’s interior. Surreal and shabby, the visuals resemble a blurry dream or rather a hallucination that haunts you wherever you go. Set the resolution to its highest to get a full-blown horror-escape game to improve your user experience. 

Replay Value 5/5

Embedded with a highly functioning multiplayer, the product is limited with a single linear plot. Teamplay allows you to cooperate and coordinate with people from all over the world, and the voice/text chat facilitates communication. Also, each week the game is updated with fresh patches, providing more content to experience. 

Controls 5/5

Essential for the gameplay and user experience, the controls give you the best of a puzzle-solver and an escape game. It’s rather easy to operate the character with a standard keyboard or a professional gaming kit. Here, you can walk, run, crawl, or even creep when needed. This brings diversity and vigor to the overall game impression and enables you to be as creative as it gets.


Secret Neighbor is a shoutout to all those you think that they have already seen it all. Try it yourself to prove you are not one of the faint-hearted. 


  • Well-devised plot
  • Great choice of characters
  • Vibrant surroundings
  • Real-time communication


  • Limited play area
  • Match mode only

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 4

Lasting Appeal 5

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