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If the perfect haircut is a challenge, finding the right short hairstyles is even more so! Who has not succumbed at least once to the temptation to cut hair to defeat the heat?

Short hair is synonymous with freshness, refinement and comfort , but this does not mean that they cannot even become extremely glamorous thanks to the right hairstyle! Of course, you often choose a short cut just because you don’t have the problem of having to style your hair, but when there are scalings, tufts and some length how can you not play with your imagination?

From the pixie cut to the bob , there are short hairstyles for all tastes, just experiment! The inspiration, of course, comes from Hollywood stars who often showed off very short cuts and really fashionable and easy to replicate hairstyles !

So girls, are you curious to discover all the short hairstyles to challenge the heat without ceasing to be trendy ? Keep reading the post!


Having short hair does not necessarily mean having to give up making romantic crops ! For example, to achieve a super-tight mini-bun at the nape like that of Brie Larson, you don’t need big lengths and the effect is really chic!

The variations in which you can decline the chignon are really many, perfect to make short hairstyles always different. Try, for example, to make the classic harvest messy effect like that of Cate Blanchett.

In the event that your lengths are not enough to make a canonical bun, you can try to recreate the same jaunty and super trendy effect by gathering the hair in many small torchon to fasten with many hairpins on the nape.

A great classic in terms of short hairstyles collected are braids ! Take an example from Julianne Hough to make a crown braid exclusively with the tuft.

For the pixie cut with fringe, the ideal solution to show the face and push the tuft away – in the summer heat it is really difficult to keep it perfectly folded – it is a normal braid or herringbone like Shailene Woodley.


The name of Kristen Stewart would be enough to immediately evoke the idea of ​​making short hairstyles with a rebellious and rock soul . In fact, for many of her looks, Chanel’s muse chooses to play with the styling of her tuft, creating bold and absolutely glamorous hairstyles .


Try then to give shape to the fringe with a glossy effect and some clothespins: you will be ready in less than 10 minutes! If you want to emphasize the tuft, our advice is not to overdo it with a hair dryer and a plate that would end up giving you a fake and plasticized effect. Not to mention that sweat is the enemy of every turn !

An evergreen among short summer hairstyles is combing the fringe upwards , recreating the signature look a bit like a tomboy P! Nk. To do this, try using a curler with a large circumference to shape the tuft and then use the iron to create a single wrapping .

For an elegant evening, you can take inspiration from the sophistication of the Twenties and recreate perfect finger waves like those of Zendaya, beautiful and truly classy especially on very short hair!

After making the line from the side you prefer, apply a modeling foam in the root and work the waves with your hands , fixing them with hairpins and goose beaks to give them the desired shape. Then proceed with the hair dryer to fix the fold.

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