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Hi girls!

With today’s post, I have compiled for you a list of those that for me are the best social profiles to follow if you are a big fan of hair: from Youtube to Instagram young girls and mothers make fabulous hairstyles with short videos and photo tutorials. They are very popular and some have even created their own product line!

If you are curious to discover their names and want to be inspired by their creativity to create new hairstyles also on you, then

read on!


This youtube channel was born from the idea of ​​Mindy, an American mother who is 2001 started making hairstyles on the hair of her twin girls of only 18 months.

She did not like the idea of ​​having to comb them with normal tails or braids and, as the girls’ hair grew, her imagination and desire to always create something new increased! He decided to take some pictures of them and make a paper album to keep between the shelves in his bathroom.

With the arrival of two other girls and spent another 7 years between hairstyles and photographs preserved in the precious album, Mindy in 2008 decided to also open a blog to share with all her creations. The success on the web was immediately great and given the many requests to see tutorials explaining exactly how to make those small works of art, he decided to open his Youtube channel, which today has almost 4 million subscribers! Here are some of his most beautiful and original creations!


Luxy Hair was born from the idea of two sisters, Mimi and Leyla, passionate about hair and red carpet hairstyles that they themselves reproduce by uploading video tutorials on Youtube.

Their channel now has 2 and a half million subscribers while their line of clip-on extensions, the Luxy Hair Clip Extensions, is now known all over the world.

The extensions have had a great success immediately: they are made with 100% human hair that seems to be, even from what I could see around the web, soft, silky and heat-resistant plates. There are so many colours and shades and can be used without damaging your hair, as opposed to permanent ones, which as you know must be attached with glue or other aggressive methods. Anyone who has used them at least once knows: it can happen that the hair breaks or gets damaged irreparably!

Their tutorials are very nice because they show not only hairstyles impossible and super elaborate but also tutorials on how to make the soft waves, how to get volume, the best products for certain hairstyle and advice on quick hairstyles for ‘ office or to school. Some of these I also showed you a little while ago, when I told you about how to make sea ​​urchins and waves without heat!


The young Kayley started editing videos on Youtube in 2010, also opening a blog in which she talks about simple and fast ways to get beautiful hair. And perhaps, due to its simplicity in approaching the public, it has managed to be appreciated by many users. Over time, he also obtained collaborations with various magazines and brands including Seventeen, Refinery29 , Refinery29, BuzzFeed and many others.

In his repertoire, you can find various hairstyles but above all tips on how to get structured waves, have anti-frizz straight hair, how to transform a normal braid into a more original one in a few steps and many other useful and quick tips.

In addition, each month, the head personally novelty à and hair products to recommend the best on the market and explain its application to their users.

And now if you want to find out what are the next talented hairstylists who go crazy on the Web and who can give us so many good tips on how to treat our hair, turn the page!

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