Tom Clancy's Elite Squad - Military RPG

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Tom Clancy's Elite Squad - Military RPG review

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad - Military RPG review

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is a mobile role-playing game that brings all of your favorite heroes and villains of the Tom Clancy’s universe together in dynamic battles across many iconic locations you may know from other games of the series.

Gameplay 4/5

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is a role-playing game with turn-based combat that is based on a variety of complex team-building mechanics. Your primary goal is to assemble the most powerful and flexible team for upcoming 5v5 tactical fights, and there are lots of agents to choose from, including your favorite characters from previous Tom Clancy’s games like Fisher or Nomad. You’ll have to reassemble and tune your team all the time to make sure it stays balanced.

Each of your soldiers has unique weapons and abilities, and we’ve been delighted to find much room for fine-tuning and developing agents just the way you want them to be. And once your team is ready, it’s time to enter the battlefield. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad features iconic locations from other games of the series, including Death Angel Church and Presidential Plane. However, their amount is limited, and the gameplay itself is a bit repetitive.

Graphics 3/5

The graphics are definitely not the most outstanding features of the game. The characters are somewhat bland, even despite being familiar and full of personality. The special effects are mediocre, and while the animations are nice, our overall impression is not that positive – it looks okay, but certainly not great.

Replay Value 3/5

The game features lots of locations and characters, but the gameplay itself is too bland and repetitive to remain truly engaging for too long. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is good for a couple of days, but then it starts growing annoying, especially if you consider all the bugs it has.

Controls 4/5

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is not too demanding when it comes to your reaction speed, and the controls match that. You always have time to manage your team and assign orders, and all of that can be done with just a few taps on your screen. All in all, the controls are simple and comfortable, but the design is not that original.


Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad could be a much better game if not for its grinding-based gameplay and mediocre graphics. However, it’s still a must-play for every devoted fan of the series.


  • Many iconic characters
  • Familiar battlefields
  • Complex hero system
  • Tactical turn-based battles


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Pay-to-win mechanics
  • Lots of serious bugs

Graphics and Sound 3

Controls 4

Gameplay 4

Lasting Appeal 3

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